Saturday, July 23, 2011

I’m learning more than just Japanese…

My Japanese instructor is elderly lady who gets embarrassed when I ask her how to say things like “I have a hangover” in Japanese.   So the last thing that I expected to learn from her is that the secret to a successful marriage is “secret trips”.  When she saw the look of disbelief on my face she started to giggle.  I had so many questions and I couldn’t help but wonder if this is the mentor that I have been waiting for.

Secret trips…I’m sold but I need more details!  My newly appointed mentor informs me that she has been taking secret trips for years, and we are not just talking little weekend getaways, she has been to London, Australia, Korea, Indonesia, etc.   Here’s how it works, the wives tell their husbands that they are travelling in Japan (they even give them a fake itinerary), and because they manage the finances they don’t need to worry about credit cards statements, etc.  Guilt doesn’t seem to be a concern, she laughs as she tells me that she told her husband that she wanted to go to Sir Lanka, so there’s no need to tell him that she’s actually going.  At this point I want to start taking notes, where did this lady come from?   Dad, it might be worthwhile doing a quick scan through Mom’s passport, I’m not so sure about her “nursing reunions”.

While I’m not on a secret trip, I am currently enroute from Singapore to Bali.

Good-bye reality, hello Bali! 

(I wrote this blog a couple weeks ago, Bali blog coming soon)