Sunday, May 1, 2011

Dear Mother Nature…

Didn’t you get the memo?  Nap time is Saturday afternoon from 1- 2ish.  If you could take a quake break during that time, it would be greatly appreciated.  Yours truly, Ginger

I know that my blog has been a little slow, don’t worry, it’s for a good reason.  This week I welcomed my first Tokyo visitors, Chiyo Itoh and Steve Penner aka The Itoh’s.  Not only is it great to see old friends, it’s really great to see old friends that speak Japanese.  I should clarify, Chiyo speaks Japanese, while Steve has adopted a very special dialect that only he can understand.  It has been a week filled amazing food, loads of sake and creepy smoky bars that oddly enough seem way less creepy when you’re walking out at 4am.

While we are on the topic of creepy, there’s something that I need to ask.  I realize that this is probably not the best forum but I can’t stay quiet any longer.  What is it with creepy Western men in Asia??  These men look like they haven’t been to a gym since 1965, forgot to shower in 2010 and are with girls young enough to be their daughter.  Every time I see this, I want to be sick.  Then I want to go over to the girl and ask, where do you think this will lead?  How did you get into this mess?  What’s your back up plan?  I don’t care how strong the sake is here, trust me, it’s not that strong.  Thankfully my life experiences are finally starting to pay off.  When I was in Toronto, I tried to break up a prosatution ring and set a girl free.  I think Adrienne and Shar will both agree that it wasn’t that successful and I’m pretty sure that my methods would not be welcome in Asia.  Lesson learned…never mess with a Madam and her girls.  

Well…I said it, I’m pretty sure that my Mom will be calling any minute to tell me to get on the next plane home or to clean up my blog.  

For those of you that don't know it's Golden Week in Japan!!  Which means that I'm celebrating a two day work week.  I'm going to be exploring parts of Japan, you wouldn't believe the deal I found on a little B&B in the Fukushima prefecture. 

Good-bye to The Itoh’s.  GT’s..come back soon!  xo