Tuesday, April 12, 2011

3 quakes in 3 days…

It’s actually closer to 4 or 5 quakes...we just had another and I slept through one Sunday night.
The good news is that every quake in Tokyo has been less than a 4.  As my sister said, anything less than a 6 isn’t worth mentioning.  And since she wasn’t just referring to quakes, mentioning my date is completely off the table.
I was picking up some groceries last night when we were interrupted by an announcement.  I could tell from everyone’s reaction that it wasn’t good news.  Finally an English message “an earth quake will be arriving shortly”, they made it sound so pleasant I was almost looking forward to it.  Realizing that I was in the wrong section for a quake, I quickly headed over to produce, flying broccoli doesn’t scare me.
Since March 11th, my office seems to have found its quake humour.   This afternoon a guy said that he was “heading out for a fresh dose of radiation and if I miss our 3:00pm I’m probably stuck in the elevator from a quake.”  Oh quake humour…gets ya every time.  
For now, I’ll keep shaking things up in Tokyo, while actively looking at flights to Bali.