Saturday, April 9, 2011

On the road again…

On Wednesday, March 31st I arrived in TO and things picked up right where we left off.   Since I had only been in Tokyo for a month, nobody could figure out if we were back on the farewell tour or kicking off the welcome back fiesta.  Whatever it was…it was 4 amazing days and nights.  Great seeing everyone!!  

After a whirlwind trip through TO, I kicked off a 5 city/5 days US tour.  Although this may sound glamorous, I can tell you that you didn’t miss much in Oklahoma City and don’t get me started on Kansas City…just kidding to my one and only reader in Kansas.  Quick plug for Kansas, I couldn’t get over how friendly EVERYONE was, strangers saying hello, people wishing you a good day and meaning it, the only thing Kansas is missing is a quality baseball team.  :)

While I was home, everyone wanted to know if I was going back to Tokyo.  The short answer is yes.  I have been thinking about my options, I have been debating between beach bum or teenage pregnancy (CNN reported that the number of teenage pregnancies are dropping, I am hoping to do my part).  Since neither one of these options really jump out at me, it’s back to Tokyo for this Ginger.  

This week I received some good news from Papa Haines, the University of Pittsburgh issued a special report, scientists have concluded that that red wine can help protect against radiation.  Save the iodine pills, I’ve been preparing for this for years.

Next stop NYC…