Friday, March 11, 2011

Shake, shake, shake...

My “TO DO” list for Japan did NOT look like this:

#1 Beach vaca
#2 Sake bar
#3 Massive earthquake

Now that I have experienced #3, I could use another #2.

What was it like?  Picture being on the 36th floor of a building that is moving back and forth, doors flying open, desk drawers opening and closing and then all of a sudden the building starts twisting.  That’s when even the calm guy started freaking out.  I had been on the freak out train for a good 5 minutes, don’t’ know what took everyone so long…all aboard!!!  People started grabbing survival kits and hard hats (ya, that bag under my desk was not someone’s gym bag...good to know).  Hard hats on, everyone hiding underneath desks, accompanied by girls screaming throughout the office.    

Then after the big quake some guy who sounds like he’s 14 comes on the intercom to tell us everything is okay.  No offence but I’m not sure that he’s even qualified to drive a car let alone tell us Mother Nature is done for the day.  Our office evacuates and heads to a park.  

Now we are just feeling vibrations and not good ones…let the aftershock show begin.