Wednesday, March 16, 2011

One last shake…

In my final hour I experienced one last shake.  To be honest, it was pretty disappointing, I wanted to yell is that’s all you got, I don’t think you’re more than a 3!  (Sorry bad quake humour) 

My flight from Tokyo was very entertaining, I was sitting beside a colleague that I haven’t seen in two years…what are the chances?  Actually, what are the chances that I'd experience one of the biggest quakes in history?  I’m afraid to ask what will happen next.  Ps. Great seeing you 16C :)
I have put together a quick earthquake survival guide:

1.  Just because vodka looks like water that doesn’t mean it belongs in a survival kit.  Still not convinced.
2.  Keep your showers short, you don’t want to get caught in a quake.  I was already getting enough stares with my red hair, I don’t think running down the street in my birthday suit would help me blend in.
3.  Wear your most expensive jewels just encase you need to barter.   I was banking on a niche market for my hello kitty ring.
4.  Have I mentioned low floors? :)
Although I have arrived safe and sound in Hong Kong, my thoughts are with everyone in Japan.  Stay safe and keep in touch!  Lots of love…

Good night from HK