Monday, March 14, 2011

Morning coffee & quake...

I started this morning with a coffee and a quake, they are getting closer to Tokyo, this one was a 6.2.  Everyone in my office has set alarms on their cells phones, as soon as a quake hits they are notified and a variety of rings tones sound throughout the office.  It took a few minutes for the building to stop swaying, if you are prone to motion sickness you would not enjoy this, not that anyone would enjoy them.  I have included a picture of our building, we are the second floor from the top.  Again, I stress low floors! 

By mid-day we were all starting to relax a  little, then some guy blurts out “oh no”, people jump out of their chairs, start grabbing hard hats and hiding underneath desks.  Turns out there was something wrong with his computer, everyone is a little on edge.    

What’s the game plan?   To get the you know what out of here (trying to keep this blog PG).  I got my passport back this morning and I have a flight booked to Hong Kong tomorrow morning. 

It looks like this show is going on the road…next stop Hong Kong.